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How Minwoo so proud of himself. kkk. (Shinhwa Broadcast Season1 Ep5) | Cr Eng sub: Orangebox

[New] Shinhwa Lee Minwoo, Dongwan-Eric diss "Growing more and more wrinkles"



Group Shinhwa’s member Lee Minwoo has dissed Dongwan and Eric.

Coming back with new song “Taxi”, Lee Minwoo appeared on SBS Power FM’s “2 o’clock escape Cultwo Show” that aired on the afternoon of the 1st.

On this day, at DJ Jung Chanwoo’s question of “Won’t you like to appear on ‘Dad Where…



Minwoo & Kim Woobin @ MNet

Minwoo no cheating on Dongwan. Woodong is forever

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[News] Mentions of Minwoo in 'Radio Star' article


[Recommendation for today] MBC’s ‘Radio Star’

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▲ MBC <Radio Star> / February 26th 11:15 PM

They’ve collected all the well-known ‘small eyes’ of Korea! It’s the ‘button hole’ special!

She tried acting for You Who Came From the Stars, but her acting doesn’t fit in too well;…

[Trans] 2014-02-26 MBC FM Date, it’s Kang Dasom Twitter update (Minwoo)



Lee Minwoo’s selca >.<
Wait while looking at this


<FM Date Invitation corner, do you like Shinhwa?> 
It’s going on together with singer Lee Minwoo.
An eye-smile selca this time round..!!
Please spread it as far as you like~❤️

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[UPDATED] Ways to Support Minwoo for his 2014 Promotional Activities - Please read!



M+ten commemorates Minwoo’s 10th anniversary as solo artist M. Let’s do everything that we can to support him and get him that #1 on music shows! 

Ways to support him:

★ Watch Taxi on Youtube
- Watch Taxi through Livework’s channel and CJ E&M’s channel. Do not mute the volume while watching it or it will not count. Also make sure that you watch the MV all the way through. And like, comment on, and share the video! 

★ Vote for Minwoo on MCountdown
- Please vote for Minwoo on all the MCD charts (the Mnet global, Mnet Korea, and Mnet Japan pages): 1, 23. Voting is from Friday 11 AM to Monday 9AM KST. You can vote once per day for each account, and up to 10 times for each IP address.  

Vote for Minwoo on Inkigayo

- Here is a tutorial on how to vote for Minwoo through the TVtalk app for Inkigayo. 

★ Purchasing the M+Ten Anniversary Album
Gmarket (Synnary’s EShop)DvdheavenYesasia (any legitimate Kpop distributing site will do, just make sure your purchase will count towards the Korean music charts)

★ Digital Chart Scores
There is a KSHCJ group called Team-Mten who are asking us for their help in purchasing digital downloads and streaming songs once Minwoo’s album is released on the digital music portal sites. Here are some things we can do to help them: 

1. Making I.D.s: Help Team-Mten make I.D.s for Bugs. Here’s a tutorial on how to make accounts on the Bugs music portal sitePlease set all of your passwords to “alsdn728”for your accounts and post them on the respective boards on the TeamM+Ten page

2. Sending Funds: Send funds to Team-Mten to help them purchase music through digital music portals. Just send them funds through paypal at: (also send them a confirmation email after sending the purchase to confirm that the funds went through).

3. Streaming music: Apply to help them stream music on Melon, Bugs, and Mnet. Email them at telling them that you would like to help stream music by February 6th (for those who are on their computers often and don’t mind leaving it on. You will also have to download Korean music players for some of these websites. 

★  Social Networking
Social networking plays a part in Inkigayo’s music charts. So be active on social media in helping promote Minwoo and Taxi. Like and share youtube videos relating to M+Ten posted through the official Liveworks channelLike and share M+Ten related posts on Liveworks official facebook page. Trend #이민우#TAXI and other M+Ten related hashtags on twitter. Here are other ways to help improve SNS scores: 12

★ More things to do to help
Search 이민우 on naver, daum, nate and other Korean sites. There are other things that you can do as well that you can read here to support Minwoo’s promotional activities :) 

[Behind Story] 'Taxi (ft Eric)' music video filming



20 January 2014, when large snowflakes fell. In a studio in Namyang-ju, M Lee Minwoo was filming his new song ‘Taxi (ft Eric)’s’ music video. In order to bring out the dreamlike atmosphere, like when one is drunk, for title song ‘Taxi (ft Eric)’, M Lee Minwoo sang in a…

[News] Han Hyejin, former Shinhwa Changjo, has a video of 'Shinhwa Broadcast' played on 'Witch Hunt' showing her with Eric



Lee Hyuni appeared as a guest on ‘Turn Off the Green Light’.

On the JTBC variety show ‘Witch Hunt’ that aired on the 7th, Shin Dongyeop, Sung Sikyung, Heo Jiwoong, and Sam Hammington talked secretly and wildly about women.

During the 2nd part of the show ‘Turn Off the Green Light’, in which…


Messages from M:
1. Come Back! First ever revealing of ‘TAXI’ on MCD today!! Please look forward to it
2. PM 6:00. Last one!
3. M+TEN. New album is released today too!!
4. Please give it lots x2 of love
5. Scream!
6. Totally love male fans ^_^
7. Of course I like like female fans too
8. You’re looking forward to TAXI’s performance right?
9. Please look forward to the new side to me
10. Then it’s goodbye for now~ ♥


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NOOOO ❤.❤ OMG&#160;! such an adorable MinDy&#160;! That storybook is gold , PURE GOLD&#160;!  T^T


cr on pic  모즈 @_324216728  please do not edit !!

NOOOO ❤.❤ OMG ! such an adorable MinDy ! That storybook is gold , PURE GOLD !  T^T